We are me-me-me (It’s not vanity – it’s self-fascination! It’s not narcissism – it’s self-reverie!), no cooperative spirit, no kinship, the new normal, too full of our own transgressive bluster (timidity on parade) to fully connect emotionally, concocted to be a statement (individualism and self-importance).

If we knew how important it was to offer words of encouragement and hope to family and friends, we wouldn’t go to bed without picking up the phone, sending an email, or leaving a note on the toilet seat at Port Authority.

The ripple effect of even the simplest act of thoughtfulness is often profound, sometimes unexpectedly life-changing, and always, always more powerful than we think. (Hugging reduces heart disease, diminishes stress promotes longevity, strengthens social ties, lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate, and benefits the huggers equally.)”


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