You are not throwaway. You are not incidental.

You get swag.

The gift bag features more than $23,000 in goodies:

  • An invitation to go to space on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight in 2012,
  • a $16,000 vacation at an underwater spa in the Maldives,
  • a $100 pack of Swarovski-bedazzled electronic cigarettes.

You are fearless about being intimate. You are inclusive.


Leapfrogging toward: “More, please!”

It’s tempting to either nurture a dislike for them, to ridicule them, or to dismiss them altogether – to wish they’d just go away. Dewey would like to suggest something else for the lost causes: Sympathy.

Dewey’s sense is that most aren’t fully themselves right now – to say they’re in denial is putting it in a way they’d object to, well, powerfully, yet passive-aggressively. But rather than reduce them to joke or demon, a decent alternative might be to try looking at them as people who require some compassion.

Or just kick them while they’re down – and keep it pushing.”