I’m not there.

America and Dewey’s temperament indelibly would mold the narrative he would write – and edit and polish – for himself in which he always played the same role: ‘The loner, compassionate yet detached, who rides to the rescue in Reel 3.’

Dewey didn’t create his personal narrative to put one over on anyone. On the contrary, with its creation, he was forming a template for his life. He wanted to be seen – he wanted to truly be – an estimable individual who made his way through life as a positive force in our world, a man people would admire for all the right reasons.

Keeping the primary themes of that story intact and inviolate was not a future genius’ political, brilliant act of willpower or spin, but an endeavor of existential import for a young man aging in fast-forward, grappling with the depredations of an intrusive, ambiguous, and contradictory world.”


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