I am an everyman – and a fighter and a survivor. Where do I heal?

Dewey’s modest performance is the one element that feels truly authentic and heartfelt. The role that is his life, chameleon, mercurial, quicksilver, capricious, plays to his strengths: A rough-and-tumble earthiness, the ability to suggest a dreamer lurking beneath the exterior of a bruiser. Yet he also demonstrates a knack for using quietude to great effect, and many of his strongest moments are ones in which Dewey communicates his beaten-down worldview with stillness and a glance.

Watch him timidly express his hopes to the guy he likes or recede into the background while the friends around him milk the glories of yesterday, tomorrow, and today. Dewey’s underplaying draws you in almost as much as the extraordinary physicality he displays once the gloves are on. When his dukes go up, you feel like you’re watching a boxer in art as opposed to art boxing.”


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