Thierry, love of my (speculative) life.

Centuries ago, when I was young and distraught,

I would create alternate universes in my head mind, where I lived out my dreams the life I wanted and needed.

They kept me going, my mental limbo metaphysical reality. I have lived entire lifetimes of rich experiences, getting everything I ever wanted, in my head mind.

In one, I moved to Paris at 20 and began a life-changing, heart-breathless, time-stopping romance with an older bon vivant named Thierry. He showed me the our world – exploration and bliss, thrill and legend, rhyme and je ne sais quoi.

He was imaginary, so I’ve only a vague blur of what he looked like.

But I know what he meant, and I knew what he stood for, and who he was, and I knew what his presence was, and how he we saved my life each other.

This is Thierry Neuvic. He is a real, live human being.



Failure Malfunction Crash Collapse Breakdown Disappointment Letdown Fiasco Catastrophe – none an option. Dear God World Fates Universe Clonazepam – put all 7 in the win column.


  1. Power
  2. Money
  3. Fame Proper Recognition for Being a Workhouse Success
  4. It


  1. Love
  2. Him
  3. Them

Kismet, kismet, kismet –
the combination of it
with a little sparkly dust
is the right recipe
for everything
to fall into place.”
– Anon.

And if you think my words are fire, just wait ‘til you see my… #boyboom

Step Man up, Demmycrats.

Shoot us straight – AHORASAP.

  • Today – mild disappointment because 2010 bureaucracy/dawdling paperwork trumps 2008 hope and Washingtonian red tape/herding-cats procedure trumps overnight change precipitated on in-the-weeds faith.
  • Tuesday – Judgment Day.
  • Wednesday – rise of the hidebound machines, uh, obtuse, injudicious, blinkered lemmings.

And if you don’t like it – then get in the right room, and be the change you believe in.

On with the struggle – alone. The poors: We just deal. Deal with it, with the resilience of the permanently downtrodden.

Sending you

sunny, California vibes!

I know you can reach

your financial and romantic, friendship goals –

stay steady

and strong,

and you’ll make it!

Dewey, it’ll happen!

Just be

the good man

you are,


all of everything

will find you.






to put

  1. your blockages and horror fears,
  2. art culture,
  3. your shitty past,
  4. race class,
  5. your terror frights and walls,
  6. gender sexuality



belong –

behind you.”