Mary Tyler Moore Durden.

Mary Tyler Moore Durden®©™

  1. takes names,
  2. preemptive-strikes,
  3. hits hard,
  4. tackles low, and then
  5. throws a beret in the air.

#we #gonna #make #it #after #all


Now Jimmy looks sweet ‘cause he dresses like a queen, but he can kick like a mule – it’s a real mean team. We can love. Oh, yes, we can love.” – David Bowie, “All the Young Dudes.”

  1. Knute Rockne Maria Marjorine.
  2. The Living End.
  3. Stuart Alan Jones, Queer as Folk.
  4. Omar Little, The Wire.
  5. Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood.
  6. Russell Edgington, True Blood.
  7. A bruiser poof who takes no shit.
  8. A millennial militant faggot.

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