Life is mindset. (Finding effervescence in life – and bubbles! And the work you must do for it!)

  • Warpaint!
  • Bulldog!
  • Juggernaut!
  • Dynamo!

I used to have warmth and glow. I used to feel closer to wisdom, to sweetness, to the earth, to people. I used to smile. I used to feel light. I used to be kind and calm. I used to be patient and tender. I was adorable. I had charisma. I once meditated and sunk into the floor.

I used to think I could have what I want. Now, I am lucky if I can just have take what I can get.

Now, I feel like a superficial, hard-bitten and hard-edged, bitchy cunty, driving, stony, pessimistic, sneering, contemptuous, snootily ambitious bigot covered in soot and limits and pus in a bigoted world.

There is nothing more than what we see – nothing more than surface.

Well, now – that’s no way to live.

One Eat Pray Love later, I am all get me Bali’d.

Because Douche Prick Twat really doesn’t work – in the end.

Yes, I’m a bootstraps guy, moral and honorable, though. How dare anyone leave anyone behind?!

There’s more, of course, it’s not that simple, duh. And I am skipping steps – but I will fight stand up for my serenity!

Goodbye, hardcore rap and punk rock.

Hello, whale songs and chilled folk.

Perhaps a Junkpunch can be:

  1. upbeat
  2. optimistic
  3. constructive
  4. encouraging
  5. clear
  6. assured
  7. confident
  8. definite.

I was told this morning: “Your honesty is beautiful. This is how you see your patterns, whether thought or action.”

Change your thoughts, change your life…

My word is love.


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