The next Oreogheh come at me wrong…

…And act like I am invisible?

I will knock him upside his self-revulsion head with a box of Hydrox until the Clarence-Thomas meat show.

How that Sunshine biscuit taste, Cherry Carlton?!

O, and one more thing: When the Tea Party come for us, I will avoid eye contact with you just as quick, and I might even roar: “String that jiggaboopoove up first!”

Buppies about the business card and the job and the dinner reservation and the degree and the pomp and circumstance, solely, doing nothing for society, no dignity, no trustworthiness, no allegiance, no principle, no character, no moral fiber?

Beware, Alpha/Kappa, you up next.

You get dry baked chicken.

I just made your face more greasy!

How that feel, Jack and Jill?!


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