Gucci little piggy.

As of July, as much as 98 percent of the rubble from the earthquake in Haiti remains uncleared. An estimated 26 million cubic yards remain, making most of the capital impassable. Thousands of bodies remain in the rubble. The number of people in relief camps of tents and tarps since the quake remains at 1.6 million, and almost no transitional housing has been built. Most of the camps have no electricity, running water, or sewage disposal, and the tents are beginning to fall apart. Crime in the camps is widespread, especially against women and girls. Between 23 major charities, $1.1 billion has been collected for Haiti for relief efforts. Two percent of the money has been released.”

Meanwhile, in New York City:

Definition of recession-proof.

This was taken earlier this summer outside of my favorite New York restaurant: Poof & Taco in the Village.

I thought this was Gucci, but the model about to walk in Milan Paris Mexico at the table next to us corrected me and told me it’s Louis Vuitton.

My bad.

I played a but-good practical joke on the owner of this – can you guess what I did?

Under the strap, I left the Queen a flyer for the least likely man-man party she would ever go to.


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